ABOUT US Spider diggers service

Business specialized in mountain works with spider diggers

Today's needs lead us to work at higher altitudes and our machinery, it enables us to do, earthwork, reefing, drilling, hard-access jobs, our scope is all over the year.

Our goal

Offering solutions for works of difficult access, and high complexity, with teams adapted to the most extreme conditions.

Our machinery

1 Menzi muck M535 13T 4x4 spider digger equipped with

  • Cassons for land movement (various sizes)
  • Cassons for races (several sizes)
  • Water PerforaterDÉU
  • Power thill oscillating
  • Goat

1 Menzi Muck A20 quake-flat, 3-parted helitransported with a standard helicopter equipped with

  • Cassons of various sizes
  • Water PerforaterDÉU 450 kg

Our services

We intervene for all kinds of earthworks and races, thanks to our spider diggers:

  • Re-profiling of ski tracks, mechanic back-ups
  • Manufacture of ski lift shoes
  • Creating paths (forest paths, mountain paths, etc.)
  • Excavation after a landslide
  • Excavation of inaccessible mountain chalets (Fronts, etc.)
  • Ramps and drainages
  • Networks like snow cannons' ditch, maintenance of shelters or mountain chalets, sanitation ditches, gates cleaning, electrical grids.

Mountain jobs

The work on the mountain requires special machinery. In general, the usual conventional equipment cannot be used, due to difficult access conditions.

In addition, the slope of the ground does not allow you to work under optimum security conditions. A special team is therefore required for this work. The only machine that can be used to work on the mountain is the "spider digger". Unlike caterpillar machines, which require the creation of access tracks, the "spider" (whose wheels are chained) can move to very high heights, even when time is difficult!


Drilling with a spider excavator

Diploma has several drilling equipment in its spider excavator M535 7 T:

  • CX250 Large-Prayed Mastele
  • These can be adapted with:
    1. Background panel
    2. Martell in front
    3. ODEX Intuubado System
    4. We can work with diameters from .25mm to .150mm.