ABOUT US Our values

Desplom is a solid and reliable company. Throughout the years it has been able to demonstrate integrity and rigour.
In order to adapt to different demands and new challenges, our company relies on a steady team with extensive experience.


Located in Andorra, in the heart of the ski resorts, the company offers optimal technical solutions depending on your needs and concerns.
Tell us about your projects and we will achieve them together.



Desplom's quality policy is aimed at meeting the satisfaction of needs, expectations and requirements of our customers, and the operating efficiency of the company to strength our competitiveness.

We are committed to minimize and prevent pollution, accidents at work, injuries and damage to health arising from our activities.

To this end, we seek strict compliance with customer requirements and act according to the applicable laws and regulations. We include preventive actions and integrate all environmental actions in all levels of the organization.

So our customers have total confidence on us, the maximum respect for the environment and good practices in risk prevention and occupational health are accomplished by competent human resources and technicians provided by the company.



The company values the permanent commitment of its entire staff, considering them its most valuable asset. It promotes ongoing professional training and encourages communication and teamwork to favour their active participation in order to achieve constant improvement of quality, safety and productivity.

The company also considers extremely important the collaboration of suppliers, who will be required the same degree of commitment and competitiveness concerning quality, environment and safety.