Stabilization and treatment of gradients and slopes


The organic blankets are made with natural materials of plant origin, they are biodegradable. They act as a force protection from rain, prevent erosion and add organic matter to the soil when they decompose.

Nowadays geomembranes are used, which are geosynthetic blades that ensure the tightness of a surface. They are used to remedy the lack of water infiltration and to avoid soil contamination.

Generally geomembranes are made from polyethylene or polypropylene and can be reinforced by a triple twist mesh.


Cable meshes are panels made from steel cable from 8 to 10.5mm wide. They are used to consolidate unstable slopes and large rock formations.

The main advantage of this system is the continuous application of load on the entire surface, increasing the security and reliability of the bolts. This reduces the visual impact.

Lately high resistance meshes, for up to 120KN/N2, have been created.


Anchoring is a technique created to support the stability of a slope providing a force opposite to the movement of the mass, increasing normal tensions in the potential surface break.

There is a variety of passive or active and temporary or permanent anchors, anchored by adhesion with resins or cement.


The triple torsion mesh is one of the most common preventive and support protection systems against limited surface's detachments.

The meshes used are made of 2'0 and 3'0 mm wire, with mesh holes that can be 5 or 10 cm big.

They can be installed on the slope, as a guidance system of small detachments or as an active stabilization system through its reinforcement with bolts, anchors and steel cables.

It has the peculiarity of adapting to all types of surfaces.